Aha, soooo fucking high.

Aha, soooo fucking high.

Hello, seven AM

Hello, seven AM

So Ibrahim posts a picture of a cat saying "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" and he tagged me. A cousin says "Oh, you got yourself a girlfriend."
  • Ibrahim (on the photo after the cousin): oh suljo i thought you meant the CAT.. -- you should know that Caitlin enjoys pussy. eating, fingering, tonguing.
  • Me(in chat): I am laughing so hard.
  • Ibrahim: haha i cant wait to see what he writes back. and he also knows that im a homosexual, but not everybody in my family does, soo SHHH
  • Me: oh i cannot breathe
  • Ibrahim: breathe, my lesbian petunia, breathe!!
  • Ibrahim: if you dont this world will be without 1 lesbian and we cant have that. we need lesbians. lesbians make the world go 'round
  • Me: They do, they do.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

I am tripping fuckking balls. 3 hands of sleeping/seozire pills and two ambien and its like… god

the letters are walking on sand.

still pictures move towars me. i see things double. there is a rock concert going on in my huse and i’m the only one who acan hear it.

this is bloooooooooow

knjk.km.kjnjkjkjhm jb,jn,l,nl,zxczxmn,lczx,mnx,mznb,mnbzl,mnbc,mnc,mnl,mczxnl.,cmz.z,m.zcmmzc,zmc.n,mzc.n,.m,l

abd biw nt gead gyrs

now my ehad hurts

i bid yo u all a lovely goodnigth